Payment Info

We trust that all of our customers are very savvy and aware of the BIG PHARMA bullying and price gouging. Due to the regulations that are sponsored by these BIG PHARMA without any consideration for the consumer it has become extremely difficult to acquire a traditional payment method. As PayPal, Visa, AmEx, and MasterCard prohibit online transactions for prescription medications. Which defeats the opportunity to order 90days of medications for personal use as per the CDC guidelines in the USA (; DOH in Australia ( and many other countries.

They charge us enormous fees out of every sale via third-party processing gateways, impose huge fines on us, and block our bank accounts. These credit card processing sharks, together with “Big Pharma”, wants you to pay more by buying overpriced brand-named drugs.

For those customers who want to get rid of annoying banks and discover the huge potential of digital money, we offer a significant 20% discount when using BITCOIN