Eye Care

What is Careprost? 

The Careprost solution is the eye drop, which is being utilized for treating the hypotrichosis and Glaucoma. With a highly active ingredient present in this drug Bimatoprost, you can achieve fuller and flawless eyelashes without putting a massive drain on your pocket. Get ready to put the twinkle back into the eyes with this fantastic and innovative formula for eyelash growth.

Careprost Eyelashes is an ultimate of ophthalmic solution which is used for the people who are suffering from the condition of hypotrichosis in which the length and density of eyelashes decrease. This particular eye medication facilitates you to achieve fuller, denser, and darker lashes.

The careprost eye drops is also a popular eye medication which is meant for treating Glaucoma. These eye drops contain an active ingredient known as Bimatoprost, which increases the outflow of the fluid (aqueous humour), causing a decrease in the intraocular pressure (IOP).